Why is Sustainable Investing Important?


How did SUSTAINABILITY become such a global trend?

And what does it mean to INVEST sustainably?

Sustainability is a tangible and physical philosophy Efi shares. Not a marketing tool, not a KPI. It is about PURPOSE.

Within finance particularly, a major topic relates to finding sustainable solutions, and potentially no one knows about the effectiveness of this topic than the No.1 independent Global Woman Influencer in Finance & Data – my dear friend, Efi Pylarinou.

Being a well seasoned Wall Street professional with a Ph.D. in Finance, Efi believes in this investing, financing, and insuring.

Indeed Efi also shares with me what this means in terms of financing and insurance products and services, and potentially what this means in terms of investigating cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Join us to discuss the UN SDGs and how we can manage and mitigate emerging risks through strategic collaboration and a meaningful appropriation of sustainable ESG goals.



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