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Sustainability at OVHcloud #Pitch410


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On 12 October OVHcloud and our team at Alchemy Crew ran an investor event where 7 sustainability tech startups shared their proportions with investors and corporate delegates. We call this event #Pitch410 as our goal over time will be to welcome 10 of the most interesting young proposition within a specific problem area we aim to dive into between 2022 and 2023. During those events, startups shared their stories, their founding journey, and their immediate needs to corporate and venture capital investors that support the interactions with relevant questions. 

Sustainability is a major issue that companies as much as investors are seeking to address by identifying relevant solutions to optimise operations and reduce gaps in supply chains while delivering client-centric products and services. 

To run the event our team at Alchemy Crew reviewed 100s of Sustainability Tech startups and we discovered through that process that they were over 14.5K Sustainability Tech startups that have already received over USD 370 billion in funding over the past 10 years.

These companies solve problems ranging from green mobility, sustainable fashion, smart homes, sustainable batteries, and renewable energies.

OVH Cloud wants to enable those ventures to be “open, sustainable, and free in the cloud” so that they can bring new ideas to life. 

To do so, OVH Cloud enables each company to build their most ambitious projects in a secure, compliant, and sustainable cloud environment by providing them with high-performance, cost-effective services for managing, protecting, and scaling up their data. 

Since 2015, over 1,800 startups and scaleups from across the globe have joined the OVH Cloud ecosystem. The successful and rising startups include and From day one, startups entering OVHcloud Startup Program get access to credits, co-marketing opportunities, and support.

There are many reasons startups within the sustainability tech space can take advantage of the cloud. First, the cloud can help startups save money on infrastructure costs. We know that startups often have limited budgets, so the cloud can help them save money on costly infrastructure. Additionally, the cloud can help startups save time on deployment and management. The cloud can also help startups scale their operations quickly and efficiently.

Another reason startups within the sustainability tech space can take advantage of the cloud is that it can help them meet their sustainability goals. The cloud can help startups reduce their carbon footprint and operate in a more sustainable manner. Additionally, the cloud can help startups access data and resources that can help them meet their sustainability goals.

Finally, the cloud can help startups within the sustainability tech space connect with other startups and organizations that are working toward similar goals. The cloud can help startups build partnerships and collaborate with other organizations to create a more sustainable future.

Before diving into the profiles of the startups that joined us on 12 October, we want to remind you to check our LinkedIn page for upcoming events. We intend to deliver 6 additional events, including (Immersive Tech, Industrial Tech, AI security & privacy, SaaS business model, Advanced technology, and Health Tech), over the course of the next 8 months.




Year funded: Unfunded

Country: London (United Kingdom) 

Funding stage: Unfunded

Bendi is a provider of AI-based analytics solutions for fashion businesses founded in 2020. Their mission is to deepen supply chain visibility and reduce future risks. They hold a belief that the way the world produces and consumes in 2022 is inherently unsustainable. They truly believe that people and organizations in general want to do the right things, but the current information available on the journey to responsible production can be confusing and lack credibility. It makes it harder to identify what is the right thing to do. So they decided to change the way people understand the journey to responsible production. The software solution they provided, offers features like data collection, data reporting, supply chain analysis and management, risk detection, and risk protection. Bendi also provides a detailed report about the user’s company impact and steps to improve business. They are aiming to create a system that delivers credible, evidence-based information about progress to get there as a standard.



Year funded: Unfunded

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Unfunded

Furthr, founded in 2020, is a service as a service-based platform to offset the carbon footprint. It was co-founded by two best friends with a shared mission to make climate action an enjoyable part of everyday life. They found that the climate crisis causes anxiety and helplessness, and they decided to flip the fear into tangible positivity, from the personalized metrics to the prize draw, to the knowledge hub and everything to come. It’s all in an effort to make saving the planet real and rewarding. Furthr is a subscription-based platform for individuals, families and businesses users to track their carbon footprints. Their subscribers plant protected trees and reduce carbon emissions on world-leading climate projects each month. The trees restore wildlife habitats and create employment for local poverty-stricken communities.



Year funded: 2020

Country: London (United Kingdom) 

Funding stage: Seed 

A respected and very much enjoyed by many green startup, Human Forest is an app-based platform offering e-bicycle rental services founded in 2019. Human Forest is on a mission to build happier and healthier cities for all, reForesting our urban environment one eBike at a time. As a tree removes CO2 from the atmosphere, people opting to make their journey on a HumanForest eBike emit zero greenhouse gases. They have avoided over 150 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 6,693 trees since 2019. The platform enables users to find, locate, and unlock vehicles by using the mobile application. It offers features like variant payment options, free minutes to unlock the vehicle, etc. Just like other bike rental providers.


Year funded: Unfunded 

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Unfunded

NetZero Now was founded in 2021, the platform provides a simple, credible, and affordable route to Net Zero for SMEs and to celebrate and promote those that achieve this vitally important goal. With more than 15 years of experience of co-founders in climate strategy and sustainability consulting. The collective insights have led them to take a sector-led approach – investing their climate expertise alongside the sector knowledge and experience of relevant industry bodies, industry influencers, and larger businesses to reach a consensus around what Net Zero means in practice for businesses in each sector. Indeed, using a two-degree of the separation ecosystem approach, the team builds a system that is at the base sustainability compliant but then adapts the outcomes for each industry and its participants.

Each protocol for each sector covered is reflected in the Net Zero Now platform, allowing businesses to follow a dedicated, sector-specific path to Net Zero using the tools provided on the platform to calculate, reduce and compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions.



Year funded: 2017

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Series A

Verv Energy is an AI-driven energy monitor solution for homes founded in 2014. The company offers advanced home energy monitor & virtual assistance, which tracks, monitors, and provides information on home appliances for efficient energy management. They created the world’s first smart isolator for air conditioning units & heat pumps to help users to reduce energy consumption. The platform also enables households to calculate the cost of powering each appliance in their home, giving them more control over energy bills.

Year funded:

Country: Exeter (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Seed

Intelligent AI is an AI-enabled risk management solution for insurers, brokers, and corporates founded in 2020. It features intelligent risk management, risk report, reading, online risk surveys, and more. It provides an AI risk report analyser for transforming unstructured risk reports into real-time dashboards by leveraging the building data they collect from digital twins. The IntelligentAI Risk Platform is not only used in risk management for insurers, but also in energy management emissions, supply chain accidents, and risk improvement completion agency rating, which helps building a specific external environment.



Year funded: 2019

Country: Loughbourgh (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Seed

Previsico is a surface water flood forecasting specialist that enables individuals and organisations to minimise the impact of flooding. Previsico’s solution is used by insurers, businesses, and governments to reduce the risk of flooding losses. Previsico also brings meaningful ESG impact, the flood warnings help mitigate 70% or above of flood loss. It can help predict the timing and depth of flood at property level. Warnings also enable preventative action to be carried out. 

As of September 2022, a total of $47.1 billion has been invested in sustainability technologies, with Energy Efficiency Technologies receiving the most funding ($3.7 billion), followed by Renewable Energy Technologies ($3.5 billion). The top three focus categories of impact investment are energy (45%), climate (45%), and agriculture (32%). According to Global Retail Banking 2022: Sense and Sustainability of BCG, across industries, customers take ESG into account when choosing a product. 73% of customers are altering their buying habits with the environment in mind. 99% of millennials have a least some interest in sustainable investing.

Sustainability is not just a temporary trend but the future. 

Sustainability is the balance between the environment, equity, and economy. Sustainability technologies provide alternative options for people and businesses to make better decisions and contributions to the environment. 

Let’s build a sustainable environment for future generations together!  

Here are the six upcoming events and the estimated dates. 

Provisional and confirmed dates Event theme
22 November 2022 (confirmed) Diving into the world of virtual innovation
13 December 2022 (confirmed Digital) Discovering the future of AI and data analytics solutions
24 January 2023  What is on the horizon for FinTech and InsurTech
14 March 2023  Monetization: The business model of the future
18 April 2023 The Future of Health Tech: From Generation Z to the Elderly

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