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Laying the foundations for sustainable growth in a zero-carbon world

Climate change is probably the biggest known threat facing the world today and is forecast to cause $600 trillion in damages to the global economy by the end of this century. Adaptive, sustainable, and transition-focused business leaders seek to mitigate this threat by investing in startup, scaleup, and grownup ventures that work on innovative digital solutions that address the UN SDGs, the ESGs, and emerging risks while drastically cutting established businesses’ impact on the environmental.

Emerging risks: Costs of climate change

The potential future cost of climate change is huge. It endangers crops, water supplies, infrastructure, livelihoods, and health. It’s already damaging the global economy and costing millions in repairs in the wake of natural disasters such as forest fires, floods, and storms.

In 2019 many high-profile leaders committed to cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Even though, achieving the United Nation’s target of a 45% global reduction in CO2 by 2030 was going to be tough. Now, post-Covid-19, public health, and economic growth concerns are now taking priority, making it even more difficult for the world to hit that target.

However, with increasing scrutiny from policymakers and the public, those executives cannot afford to take their eye off the ball when it comes to sustainability and climate change. The potential economic and societal damage is just too great, to say nothing of the potential damage to a company’s reputation. Choices made today will shape the future of nations and organizations.

Finding sustainable solutions that work

Delivering solutions that address climate change, environmental, societal, and public health risks while also laying the foundations for truly resilient and sustainable long-term growth will be complex. Countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Costa Rica have enacted preventative measures that may point a way forward for the rest of the world. At the very least, insurance and investment will be needed to reduce the likelihood of emerging risks, develop global health and inclusive recovery programs, and protect vulnerable societies.

Pandemic-linked financial decisions made over the next 12 to 24 months will impact the global economy for decades. Meanwhile, support for decarbonization is at an all-time high among governments and consumers, with calls for less fossil fuel use and cleaner, more efficient infrastructure. The time is right for transition executives to lead the way towards a truly sustainable future – starting with their own businesses.

The Sustainability Venture Labs

It’s time to take action on sustainability. Financial organizations of all sizes are seeking to develop adaptable mitigation and execution strategies that can increase environmental sustainability and long-term profitability. Through our Sustainability Venture Labs, Alchemy Crew can help you develop and foster service-led, circular-led, or ecosystem-led transition business models supported by emerging technologies.

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