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Digital Technology at OVHcloud #Pitch410


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On 23 March, OVHcloud and the Alchemy Crew hosted an online startup-investor event where nine AI, Generative AI, Health Tech, InsurTech, and FinTech startups presented their ideas to investors, corporate delegates, and other interested parties. The event was called #Pitch410, with the goal of offering an opportunity for the most promising young ventures. Attendees heard industry stories, founders’ journeys, and each startup’s immediate needs that could be met by venture capitalists and corporations. 

Our focus this time was how startups are transforming the world of business in this AI-driven era. 

Digital technology has the potential to revolutionize the world in countless ways. This revolutionary capability is being unlocked by the convergence of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital twins, digital health, insurance technology (InsurTech), and financial technology (FinTech). Generative AI is driving this innovation, allowing businesses to leverage machine learning algorithms for tasks such as designing user interfaces, improving customer experiences, automating marketing campaigns, creating complex content and personalization capabilities, simulating physical environments, and reducing fraud risk. With its tremendous power and potential, generative AI is likely to usher in a new era of digital transformation that promises a faster and more efficient future with greater insight into operations.

As technology continues to advance, startups that are technology-driven are relying on cloud solutions like OVHcloud for scalability and optimized performance. With OVHcloud, businesses can leverage the power of cloud technology, startups can access AI-driven solutions that are essential for keeping up with the competition and staying ahead of the game. From AI-powered predictive analytics to reliable data storage capabilities, cloud technology offers a multitude of benefits that can be used to help startups succeed in the digital technology space. Not only will AI and cloud computing empower them with real-time insights into their customers’ behavior, but they can also streamline operations, reduce costs and boost efficiency. 

During the scouting process, our team at Alchemy Crew reviewed 521 startups within AI, Generative-AI, Health Tech, InsurTech, and FinTech. We discovered through our sourcing process that they were over 53K artificial intelligence startups across the globe that have already received over USD $494 billion in funding, whilst, in the UK, 1.44k startups received $19.4 billion in funding over the years.


“AI and Generative AI technology will shape the future of business, transforming it in ways we have yet to imagine. With each breakthrough, the boundaries of innovation are pushed further, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth and disruption. As we harness the power of AI, we unlock new realms of creativity, efficiency, and decision-making. The fusion of human ingenuity and machine intelligence will revolutionize industries, fostering a new era of personalized experiences, hyper-personalized products, and streamlined operations. Yes despite the automation improvements, both human and machine must be combined to ensure the trustworthiness, explainability, and transparency of the model used. The businesses that embrace and adapt to this transformative force will thrive in the digital age, while those who resist risk being left behind. Let us seize this incredible potential and redefine what is possible, propelling humanity forward through the endless possibilities of AI and Generative AI technology.”

Sabine VanderLinden, CEO and Managing Partner, Alchemy Crew


These companies are staying ahead of the curve in leading the way in the operation of businesses. Our collaboration with OVHcloud enables those early-stage ventures to gain access to new cloud-based capabilities to build, grow and scale their businesses, including being more “open, sustainable, and free in the cloud” so that they can have peace of mind knowing they have effective measures in place to protect their valuable data assets when scaling their business. 

Since 2015, the OVHcloud ecosystem has welcomed more than 3,000 startups and scaleups from around the world. and are two examples of popular and growing startups. Startups joining the OVHcloud Startup Program get access to credits, co-marketing possibilities, and support starting on day one.


“Generative AI is the catalyst that ignites a powerful synergy between cloud computing, advanced technologies, and human creativity. By leveraging the vast computational resources of the cloud, generative AI empowers us to unlock untapped realms of innovation, imagination, and creative actions. It heralds a new era where machines become not just tools but everyday partners, coalescing with human ingenuity to push the boundaries of what is possible. With generative AI, the cloud becomes a fertile ground where ideas flourish, where algorithms generate novel solutions, and where the convergence of technology and human potential shapes the future. The impact on cloud computing is profound, as it propels us into a realm of limitless possibilities, where innovation and scalability go hand in hand, and where the collective intelligence of humanity and machines converge to redefine the very essence of progress.”

Filippo Sanesi, OVHcloud Startup Program Manager, OVHcloud


As we scout the world for startups, we have at Alchemy Crew scouting over 50K startups to meet the needs of our partners’ demand-led programs and conducted due diligence of 1,000s by the same token to deliver R&D insights and accelerate commercialization.

Startups today have access to unprecedented resources that can help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. In particular, cloud technology has become an invaluable asset for startups in the AI, Generative-AI, Health Tech, InsurTech, and FinTech industries. Cloud technology provides a range of benefits to these startups: 

First, it allows them to store and manage large amounts of data without needing extensive hardware or software investments. This is especially useful for businesses dealing with healthcare or financial information as they can ensure that their data remains secure in the cloud. With cloud technology, startups can also easily scale up their operations when needed by simply increasing server capacity or adding new features.

In addition, cloud technology enables businesses to access powerful AI-powered insights. By leveraging cloud-based services, businesses can gain access to the latest technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning. This allows startups to generate insights from their data more quickly and accurately than ever before. 

Finally, cloud technology also provides a reliable platform for startups to launch and manage their products and services. Cloud infrastructure is highly secure and offers enterprise-level reliability. This ensures that businesses can focus on innovating without worrying about server outages or downtime. 

Overall, cloud technology has become an essential tool for startups in AI, Generative-AI, Health Tech, InsurTech, and FinTech industries. From increased storage capabilities to powerful AI insights, cloud technology helps these startups.

Before reviewing the details of the startups that joined us on 23 March, we would like to remind you to stay tuned for future events by checking our LinkedIn page.



Year founded: 2016

Country: Allinge (Denmark) 

Funding stage: Series A

Precure is a developer of AI-based orthopedic rehabilitation devices for orthopedic support. Their mission is to reduce work-related MSD and to increase well-being and quality of life/ Their vision is to help people and companies avoid the pain and consequences of MSD. The company has developed smart wearable technology MLI that measures and analyzes physical activity with the help of electrical signals in muscles when the brain tells them to move. The devices are MLI elbow and MLI back for musculoskeletal disorders. 


Year founded: 2020

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Seed

Vizgard is a provider of AI and cloud-based computer vision solutions for drones. It provides a software-based AI engine for real-time image enhancement and intelligent tasking or alerting. It provides a weatherproof onboard computer and software solution for providing drones with autonomy and visual intelligence and a solution to deploy AI software in mobile or harsh environments. 


Year founded: 2018

Country: Helsinki (Finland)

Funding stage: Seed 

Veil is a provider of AI and ML based big data analytics and data anonymization solutions. It allows teams to secure and protect data utility, and manage data knowledge using machine learning technologies. It offers an anonymization engine that helps teams to access data, manage data quality, and can analyze both structured and unstructured data. It caters to solutions for healthcare and utility-based industries.


Year founded: 2020

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Seed

WeLinQ is a provider of an online listing platform to find licensed therapists. The platform allows users to connect with licensed therapists and also provides content on well-being. It also allows users to book personalized therapy sessions with preferred therapists. Their aim is to provider users an accessble, tailored and secure therapy options to fit their needs and preferences. 


Year founded: 2022

Country: Dublin (Ireland)

Funding stage: Seed

Unbanx At Unbanx, we believe that your data should contribute to your income. We are building the world’s first consumer banking ‘data union’, allowing individuals to earn passive income from their banking transaction data. The Unbanx platform allows members to link their bank accounts to contribute anonymized transaction data to the Unbanx data union. When data is sold, the earnings flow back to the members who contributed the data.For data buyers, those who buy from the Unbanx data union get 100% opt in, zero party consumer banking data – compliant, consensual, quality data. For Unbanx customers, those who buy data from the Unbanx Data Union, they get 100% opt in, zero party consumer banking data.


Year founded: 2019

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Series A

2RSquared is an online platform for asset management. It is a platform digitise investment design and delivert. It offers a platform to asset managers and wealth managers for investment design and delivery. Its features include no-coding, trading integration, portfolio management, APIs, risk analytics, and ESG integration. ​The key use cases are thematics, ESG strategies and integration, bespoke investment solutions, Alpha innovation, Strategic asset allocation, self indexing and digital client experience, 


Year founded: 2020

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: pre-seed

U Promise Me is a neutral registry of promises which provides instant agreement verification through digital promises. It is  a reputational platform that allows any business, person, or group of people to commit any kind of arrangement on the blockchain. They provide a secure online platform designed to foster trust through a scoring algorithm and the implementation of smart contracts. It enables the creation of Digital Promises that can be tracked until their successful completion, the solutions empowers users with instant agreement verification, agreement status control, reputation, rewards, dispute resolving and tradable agreements. 

Year founded: 2019

Country: London (United Kingdom)

Funding stage: Seed

NR2 is a AI-driven financial database for public companies and startups. NR2 combines a deep understanding of data, AI and cross-border investing to identify startups capable of succeeding internationally. For examples, details of company financials, founder details, location, and innovative technologies. Also, assists in predicting current trends in the market using big data and AI-based tools. 


Year founded: 2017

Country: Sacramento, California, United States

Funding stage: Pre-Seed

YouMakr is the world’s first free generative AI app in content writing. The algorithm has been in development 2 years, and can now YouMakr is offering generative AI fully free at the point of sauce without restriction. 

As of March 2023, the top funded business model among artificial intelligence is payments, with $6.61 billion, followed by AI infrastructure, with $6.54 billion, and digital ICs, with $4.86 billion. While the top funded business model among Generative-AI is Drones with $1.93 billion, followed by computer vision with $1.79 billion, infrastructure with $1.4 billion, and chatbots with 1.39 billion. 

AI and generative AI are having a significant impact on the startup world and business landscape. These technologies are increasing efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value activities. They are also improving customer experiences by offering personalized recommendations, chatbots for customer service, and predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs. Additionally, AI-generated products and services are creating new revenue streams, while companies that leverage AI early on gain a competitive advantage and can become leaders in their industries. 

Moreover, AI has the potential to disrupt entire industries by introducing new products and services, changing the way businesses operate, and creating new market opportunities. Startups that identify and capitalize on these opportunities can differentiate themselves from their competitors and become industry leaders. 

AI and generative AI are transforming the startup world and business landscape by offering new opportunities for growth and innovation, increasing efficiency, and providing a competitive advantage. Let’s discover how startups are transforming the world of business!

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