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It was such a pleasure earlier this year to participate in Denise Garth’s – with other highly respected groups of experts – series of webcasts to define the challenges, trends, and expected behavior that should drive the future of insurance.

Denise’s shared with me recently the full list of topics that were covered earlier this year.

I was certainly one of the speakers. It is so nice to see this project finally come together. Thank you Denise for having me and many of our great minds, thinkers, and friends share views.

Denise highlighted recently in the press that:

The insurance industry has a vibrant and innovative community of InsurTech influencers, leaders and collaborators who are defining the future of our industry in various different ways.  We’re so excited to continue to bring first-hand insight and valuable knowledge from this community who is leading the transformation of the insurance industry.

As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, the series of 20-minute podcast sessions provide ideas and thoughts to help guide intrapreneurs and innovators to keep pace and navigate through a new era of thinking, activity, and transformation.


Here is a detailed list of the recent podcast episodes featuring some great speakers, thought leaders, and industry friends.

Episode 8Jay Weintraub – InsurTech Connect and the Impact to the Insurance Industry

Denise Garth talks to Jay Weintraub, Co-Founder & CEO, InsurTech Connect, about how InsurTech has evolved and impacted the insurance industry and where they see insurance leaders responding to these trends for the future.


Episode 9Vivian Li from Avanta Ventures

In this episode, Denise Garth talks with Vivian Li from Avanta Ventures on InsurTech, its impact on the insurance industry and how they look at startups for investment.


Episode 10Nigel Walsh – Reshaping Insurance for the Digital Era

Denise Garth chats with fellow Top 50 InsurTech Influencer Nigel Walsh from Deloitte on how InsurTech and emerging technologies are reshaping insurance faster than many realize.


Episode 11Sabine Vanderlinden… Yes, it is me!

This latest episode features Denise Garth and fellow Top 50 InsurTech Influencer Sabine VanderLinden, former CEO of Startupbootcamp InsurTech now leading Alchemy Crew on how InsurTech, shifting demographics, changing risks and technologies are reshaping insurance for a new digital era.


Episode 12Désirée Mettraux – Driving Innovation and Transforming Traditional Business Models

Denise Garth talks with Désirée Mettraux of German classic car insurance specialist OCC Assekuradeur GmbH, about driving innovation and transforming traditional business models to meet a new era of insurance – with technology, ecosystems and platforms.


Episode 13Stacey Brown Founder, InsurTech Hartford

Denise Garth talks with InsurTech founder, Stacey Brown about the impact InsurTech has had on the insurance industry the last 5 years and how current events will impact InsurTech and insurance, providing new opportunities for the future of insurance.


Episode 14Chris Cheatham CEO of RiskGenius

Denise Garth and  Chris Cheatham CEO of RiskGenius discuss the future of insurance – policy, language, forms and transparency.


Episode 15Charlotte Halkett, Chief Commercial Officer of Bought by Many

Denise speaks to Charlotte Halkett, Chief Commercial Officer at Bought by Many, an innovative InsurTech pet insurer about the evolution of insurance driven by InsurTech, innovation and customer needs.


Episode 16Chad Hersh, Vice President of Insurance at Capgemini

In this episode, Denise Garth speaks with Chad Hersh of Capgemini as they continue to work together to help the L&A Individual & Group Benefits insurance segment accelerate their transformation.


Episode 17Seth Rachlin, Chief Innovation Officer of Insurance at Capgemini

Denise Garth talks to Seth Raclin of Capgemini about how innovation is the driving force behind today’s insurance digital transformation.


All of our podcasts, including additional thought leadership resources such as primary research, blogs, and webinars can be found on www.majesco.com


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