Curate. Co-create. Accelerate. To de-risk corporate venturing for insurers.

We validate corporate venturing activities for established market players to yield successful collaborations and partnerships. We deploy commercialization frameworks to accelerate the most effective engagement with growth ventures. We do so to create long-term sustainable impact, turning emerging threats into an unfair advantage.

Deep Expertise

Deep sector expertise

We apply decades of cumulative and extensive experience to solve complex problems, adding value at every stage of the process.

Insight Driven

Evidence-driven insight

We reduce innovation and disruption risks by speeding partnerships between disruptive leaders and growth ventures.

Effective Execution

Short & effective execution

We require 30 days of interactions across a 6 month-engagement period to co-create outcome-driven & scalable experiments.

A talented team that is trusted by global insurance partners

Climate Change

Delivering a zero-carbon future that yields sustainable growth

Climate change, environmental and societal risks are on every sustainability and transition leaders’ mind. What drivers should you consider to build truly sustainable platforms and business models to address the needs of tomorrow?

Artificial Intelligence

Preparing and future-proofing for unexpected emerging risks

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cybercrime, FutureTech are all directly linked to the appearance of operational and reputational risks. What should you evaluate to limit, contain or avoid those emerging risks?

Mental Wellness

Solving today’s behavioural health challenges

Behavioral, emotional, and mental health among other health challenges are keeping many leaders awake at night. Consider the past 18 months. Which solutions could be embedded to improve generation-linked health and wellness issues in your organization?


Transitioning to a truly resilient, flexible business model

As operational leaders seek to digitize the right engagement to fulfill evolving customer demands, they must also ensure business resilience. What should you consider to build adaptability and repeatability within your business?

Our latest research paper: The transition economy

This paper has been co-created with over 60 senior leaders who attended and engaged in a private discussion session hosted by Alchemy Crew in March 2021.

It presents a snapshot of the insurance and financial services industry, the transition economy for the 21st century, and what we will have to grapple with, navigate and adapt to as we seek to shape our new normal.

Over 70 years of deep insurance expertise

Empowering sustainable, disruptive, and adaptive leaders to scale up grow takes experience, knowledge, and a certain flair.

Alchemy Crew, founded by Sabine VanderLinden, has unrivaled experience within the insurance industry. The Crew works with global insurance and financial institutions to reinvent their operating models and adapt their business models via collaboration activities with ecosystems of startups and growth ventures. This has led to the democratization of the venture lab concept and the delivery of significant returns on investment.


ventures accelerated, 35+ invested


global financial services institutions engaged


ideas delivered & implementation-ready pilots


fund raised for investment


ventures accelerated, 30+ invested


global financial services institutions engaged


ideas delivered & implementation-ready pilots


fund raised for investment

Sabine VanderLinden

Sabine VanderLinden

Corporate Venturing


Global Head of Programs & Operations


Global Head of Ecosystem Development

Minh Tran


Venture Capital as a Service

Alchemy Crew combines the collective knowledge of experts from all around the globe to contribute to the emerging networked economy and support the leaders of tomorrow.

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