See Your Box



See Your Box (SYB) operates in the Industrial IoT sector to provide tools to digitize the supply chain. SYB is a tech-service platform that collects, analyzes, and extracts information related to goods across all steps of the supply chain. SYB offers compact sensors packed with physical sensors and an independent power supply which uses mobile signals to send critical information about the health of a package. Big data infrastructure allows the monitoring of a large number of packages in real-time so that commercial clients can detect and solve issues ahead before the package is finally delivered. Other use cases include real-time inventory and asset tracking. SYB devices are leased to the clients and it claims that the sensors are completely reusable.

Practice Area

Supply Chain Monitoring

Operational Area

Predictive Maintenance

Business Model

Usage-based Insurance/ Embedded Insurance


Core Technology

Internet of Things

Funding Stage



Hartford Insurtech Hub