How will we drive resilience in Pharma?


If you are in the pharmaceutical sector or insurance sector dealing with supply chain issues or need to find new ways to help your organization differentiate, we felt it would be useful to put together an interactive discussion that addresses future scenarios within industries that are increasingly interconnected.

So the plan here is to put a different lens on insurance innovation, the evolution of Tech, and the impact of change on the adjacent pharma sector.

Two respected experts in the Pharmaceutical and Insurance sectors to share with us their points of view. Dr. Andrée Bates, founder, and CEO of Eularis, who has over a decade of expertise delivering highly complex Artificial Intelligence initiatives within the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors joined Shruti Rao co-founder and CEO of Adapt Ready to discuss findings from a Covid-19 big data supply chain research piece and infographic produced by her team to demonstrate the impact of Covid-19 on global pharma supply chains and how China and India are key enablers within the global economy.

Key questions we aimed to answer include:

  1. Should pharmaceutical players and insurers consider new types of risks?
  2. Which technologies are being deployed to address some of those emerging challenges?

The topics we covered during this webinar included:

  1. Challenges affecting pharmaceutical and insurance companies
  2. Implications for pharmaceutical and insurance companies – Today and in the Future
  3. Lessons learned from the past
  4. Future demands on emerging technologies
  5. Recommendations

During this talk, each speaker shared practical examples, lessons learned, and experiments while highlighting series of options to drive operational resilience.



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