Bdeo: The role of the COO in growth ventures


I recently met with Ruth Puente, Chief Operating Officer of Bdeo, a growth venture focused on visual claims automation and innovation within the motor and home spaces.

In this video Ruth shares deep insight into what it takes to be a leader with a startup business and fast growth venture.

During our conversation, Ruth also shares her views on Bdeo’s core vision of automating damage detection and cost estimation to ensure smarter and faster decision making where it matters most, in particular, within the insurance underwriting and claims processes via what is called today visual intelligence AI, which combines a series of algorithmic, text, visual and fraud detection approaches in order to ensure that fleet managers, insurers, and policyholders can ensure that they have everything under control.

Some of the keywords of wisdom, Ruth shared with me relate to the concept of “re-humanization the future of insurance through claims management.

Within its revamped strategy, Bdeo called this… “The Power to Change.

You can find out more about my interview with this amazing women leader below.

Topics we covered included:

  • Difference between the Chief Operating Officer vs Chief of Staff
  • Why Ruth’s background is unique but so relevant for the startup world
  • Don’t focus on the title but the capabilities
  • What are Bdeo’s vision and mission?
  • Building a differentiated business model: what does this require?
  • Working with great market leaders
  • Gaining investment from well-known investors to scale
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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