5 ways to use technology to drive growth from operations


The insurance industry is undergoing a massive transformation, and the stakes couldn’t be higher today. Over the next decade, the fully tech-enabled insurer will bear little resemblance to today’s organization. 

Legacy systems and infrastructures that were once adequate to fulfill the insurers’ needs are no longer up to the task of supporting established businesses in today’s digital world. To stay competitive, insurers need to redesign their architecture to build flexibility into their foundational system and infrastructure – but how?

IBM has been helping insurers do just this. Since IBM started to deploy such new capabilities with many market leaders, they have evaluated challenging circumstances and dedicated their attention to helping top players modernize their legacy systems so they can meet the demands of today’s digital era while still maintaining compliance with regulatory demands.

Views from Annap Derebail, IBM CTO & distinguished engineer

Indeed, according to Annap Derebail, the stakes are high. There are a number of ways technology will have a seismic impact on insurance. Legacy systems and infrastructures that were once adequate to fulfill the insurers’ needs are no longer up to the task and able to support established businesses’ digitization paths.

This also means that insurers are in a unique position to simplify operations and take advantage of the latest innovations in technology if they want to.


The 5 ways: 

In this webinar, Annap and I will evaluate and share some practical tips on ways to remain 

  1. Agility to compete against the challengers 
  2. Design for change: improving core processes
  3. From risks experiences to risk partnerships
  4. Managing your technical debts through efficient data usage
  5. Intelligence platforms to automate repetitive tasks while welcoming the human in the loop


About Annap Derebail

Annap Derebail is IBM’s Global Insurance Industry CTO within IBM’S Global Business Services Unit. Annap is a distinguished engineer with over 20 years of experience. Annap’s focus has always been on delivering impactful business outcomes by re-imagining user experiences. Today Annap provides trusted advice to influence revenue growth for IBM’s clients by considering architectural leadership to transform clients’ business through technology innovation.

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